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THE EEC is aligned with the Eastchester School District's Health and Wellness initiative. This year's green festival will be on Saturday Sept 9, 2017 at anne hutchinson school. we will offer insights and fun activities for everyone but especially to engage students in wellness for their personal benefit and all that surrounds them.

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Shredding your leaves where they are on the lawn, using shredded leaves as a winter mulch on landscape beds, collecting shredded leaves into compost piles, or simply leaving your leaves under the trees in wooded areas are all examples of using Mother Nature's own time-tested method of turning old leaves into new soil.

2017 Green Medallion Award Winners
Bronxville Schools Athletic Department
Garth Rd Community Garden

Please nominate someone or an organization for a Green Medallion Award.

Click here for a letter from Doctors at Mt. Sinai Hospital in support of leafblower restrictions.

The EEC Meets the first Thursday of Every month, 7:30 pm at Town Hall, 40 Mill Rd

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County Household Recycling & e-waste days

Eastchester Recycles!

New Plastic extended to all containers #1- #7