News and Events

Eastchester School District Wellness Initiative

 This year EEC is aligned with the Eastchester Schools' Wellness Initiative. Wellness is an environmental issue too because health, psychological well being, emotional lives and spirit are powerfully impacted by the environment. EEC goals are to engage students and to help where we can to educate students on sustainability and empower them to create recycling and composting practices in the schools, to learn more about gardening and locally sourced nutrition and other issues of environmental concern 

9th Annual Eastchester Green Festival, September 9 at the Anne Hutchinson School 11 am - 2 pm

Please join us at the Anne Hutchonson School for our 9th Annual Green Festival, 11 am - 2 pm.
 Giveaways, Kids’ Activities, Vendors, Gardening, Crafts, Healthy Food, Poster Contest, E-waste & Old Bike Dropoff, Exhibits, Mobile, Plant Sales, Shredder, Demos, Healthy Lawns, Energy Efficiency, Live Music, Gourmet Chefs, Free Compost, Bike Tune-up/Events    
If you are interested in having a table/booth at the Festival, please give us a call or send an email. There is no cost to table but we do ask that you bring something to the event for everyone to learn or earn. 

Carbon Tax Forum - New Rochelle Town Hall, July 26, 7 pm

 Carbon taxes are increasingly in the news, with Republicans as well as Democrats advancing proposals.  Most economists agree that putting a price on carbon emissions is the one greenhouse gas policy that would drive all others.  With climate policy currently in question at the federal level, several states, including New York, are considering carbon tax proposals at the state level.
Come learn about the principles of carbon taxes generally and some of the pending proposals

Eastchester Bike Week - September 9-16

Kicking off at the Green Festival with a whole host of bike events like a bike tune-up, accessories sale, and finishing up with a organized bike ride through Town and on the Bronx River Parkway.

Mulch-in Place Demo - Love 'em & Leave 'em - Early November

Our 2nd annual demonstration on how to leave your leaves and grass on your yard and all the benefits. Vital nutrients, water retention, safer roads, lower costs, and more. Easy to do, come to Town Hall to how.

7th Annual Eastchester Green Medallion Awards

December 7th at Broken Bow Brewery. Do you know of a group or individual that deserves to be recognized for their environmentally connected actions and/or achievements? Please lest us know by sending us an email.